Building a home isn't just about mixing and pouring concrete over a pile of bricks.

It is about understanding your personal needs and specifications and coming up with a plan that would suit you. And that is the factor that sets Sree Subhiksha Housing and Enterprises P Ltd., apart from the others.

We build homes the way you want, because we keep a very simple truth in mind-eventually you are going to live in it. This is going to be the place where you raise your family and your future generations. So, we make it a point to look ahead in time, anticipate your needs and build a home that suits your present and future demands.

SUBHIKSHA gives you hassle-free acquisition of your dream apartment in the city, in locations that are most comfortable for you at very affordable prices.

These are the reasons why we are one of the most reputed and trusted name in the property development sector in Chennai Metropolis right now.

SUBHIKSHA in Sanskrit stands for Prosperity.

Prosperity is what we have brought into the lives of thousands of families that have bought their residences from us.

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